Impact of keycap height on typing experience: pros and cons analysis

Impact of keycap height on typing experience: pros and cons analysis

  Keycap height refers to the vertical distance of the keycaps from the base of the keyboard to the top, which directly affects the feel and comfort of typing. In the field of mechanical keyboards, different keycap height designs can bring different typing experiences, including finger touch, sound loudness and typing speed. Keycap heights are usually designed with ergonomics in mind to minimize hand fatigue when typing for long periods of time.

Some common keycap height advantages and disadvantages:

OEM :Commonly found on most standard mechanical keyboards, medium height, comfortable for typing, suitable for most users May not be suitable for users who are looking for the ultimate in feel.

Cherry: Slightly lower than OEM, positive tilt angle Good for long hours of typing, crisp sound Users who are used to high keycaps may need an adjustment period.

SA: Lower height, all keycaps are the same height Good tactile feel, rich sound Users who are used to low keycaps may not be accustomed to it.

DSA :Lower height, all keycaps are the same height Consistent feel for users looking for a uniform feel Lack of height variation may affect typing speeds.

XDA: Height between SA and DSA, keycap surface is flatter Large contact area, suitable for users with thicker fingers Users who prefer curved keycaps may not be comfortable with it.

MOA: Height moderate, long time typing finger contact keycap area is larger, more comfortable and not tired hands MOA keycap rounded design and texture with, make it look very beautiful Does not support hot plugging, higher price and easy to wear characters.

How to Choose Keycap Height

  Adjusting keyboard keycaps to suit individual needs first requires users to understand their typing habits and hand structure. For users with long fingers or those who are used to using more power, they can choose Cherry original height or OEM height keycaps. For users who pursue fast response and low fatigue, they can choose DSA or XDA height keycaps. In addition, users can also adjust the feel by replacing the keycaps with different materials, for example, PBT material keycaps have a browner feel, while ABS material keycaps have a smoother feel. For SA height keycaps, users may need to use them with a hand rest to reduce wrist fatigue due to their higher height. In conclusion, users can find the most suitable keycap height and feel for themselves by trying out keycaps of different heights and materials.

  For purchasing advice, try using a shaft tester to experience the feel of keycaps of different heights before making a choice based on personal preference. In addition, you can also refer to the reviews and recommendations of other users, combined with the keycap material and printing process, to choose the most suitable keycap for yourself. 


In summary, the choice of keycap height is a very personalized process that needs to be decided based on the actual needs and preferences of the individual. Whether it is OEM, Cherry, SA, DSA or XDA height, each type of keycap has its own unique charm and applicable scenarios. Through careful comparison and experimentation, you will surely find the most suitable keycap height for yourself.