Explore the beauty of the keyboard: the unique charm of gradient side-engraved keycaps

Explore the beauty of the keyboard: the unique charm of gradient side-engraved keycaps


Keyboard, as an indispensable part of human-computer interaction, is no longer just a functional tool, but also an expression of personality. In the field of keyboard customization, gradient side-engraved keycaps have attracted more and more keyboard enthusiasts with their unique design style. In this article, we will discuss the design and production process of gradient side-engraved keycaps, as well as their unique position in the keyboard community.


The Beauty of Gradient Keycap Designs


1. Color Matching


The uniqueness of the gradient keycaps lies in their gradient color, which transitions from one color to another, showing a smooth and wonderful transition effect. The designers have carefully selected and matched the colors to make the overall keyboard look more layered and artistic.


2. Fine Side Engraving Craftsmanship


Side engraving refers to the side of the keycap being engraved with a pattern or text, while gradient side engraving adds a gradient element on top of that. This process not only requires exquisite engraving process, but also needs to be natural and smooth in color transition. Excellent gradient side engraving process can make the keycaps look more exquisite.


Production process and material selection


1. Injection molding

Gradient side engraved keycaps are usually made by injection molding process, which can ensure the smooth surface of keycaps, clear patterns, and accurate color presentation.

2. High-quality materials

The choice of keycap material is directly related to the feel and durability. For gradient side-engraved keycaps, high-quality PBT or POM and other wear-resistant, durable plastic materials are usually used to ensure that users are not easy to wear and deformation over a long period of time.





As one of the highlights of keyboard design, gradient side-engraved keycaps not only provide users with a unique visual experience, but also enrich the possibilities of keyboard customization. Its position in the keyboard community has become more and more prominent, becoming the focus of keyboard enthusiasts. Whether it's users pursuing artistic sense or keyboard customization enthusiasts, the gradient side-engraved keycaps bring them a brand new keyboard beauty.