The First Keycap Set with Nested 3D legend

Inspired by Real Amber Gemstone, Elevating Keyboard Aesthetics

Meet Oshid Amber Keycaps

The first mechanical keycaps with 3D legend inside inspired by the enchanting allure of real Amber gemstones.

  • Unique Molding

  • Transparent Crystal Sensation

  • Supports Various Layouts

Amber are not your average keycaps

Produced with the utmost precision, each keycap boasts 3D floating legends fused within its translucent body. The result? A breathtaking display of crystal-clear elegance that will never fade or wear out. Your keyboard will shine with a timeless brilliance and its legends forever preserved.

Familiar, yet groundbreaking

We went beyond traditional manufacturing techniques and used 3K molding exclusively for crafting the Amber keycaps set. Countless hours were invested in meticulous adjustments to achieve perfection, resulting in a keycap set that stands alone


Available in 5 Colors

Support Various Layout

118 Key Thick PC Clear Keycaps
Supports 61/68/84/87/96/98/104 Layout